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Arkansas Scenic Route 7

Booger Hollow, Arkansas.
Arkansas Scenic Route 7 may have been the first road I specifically planned to drive. I was going to Fort Smith on business, and wanted to take a look at the trophy bass lakes of Missouri and Arkansas, then take a drive through the Ozarks. They aren't exactly the Rockies, but hey, it's Arkansas!

AR-7 starts in Northern Arkansas, right by Bull Shoals Lake. From there, it travels South all the way to the Louisiana border, where it becomes State Route 558, a short 5 mile spur before ending at LA-15. I've driven all of it, though I usually get off I-44 at Springfield, Missouri, and head South on US-65 to Route 7. It's a fun road.

It travels through the Ozark Mountains, runs through Dogpatch USA and Hot Springs, if that fits your stereo-typical perspective better. When I first drove it, it was a two-lane country road through some fantastic scenery. However, the last time I drove it, they were widening and straightening portions of the road (forced upgrades to the current code when rebuilding a road), so it might be less fun now.

Western Ozarks
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Arkansas Scenic Route 7
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Table Rock Dam
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Bull Shoals
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Buffalo National River
Buffalo National River Link Buffalo National River is located in Northwest Arkansas, and protects about 140 river miles (55 linear miles) of the Buffalo River as it flows through the Ozarks. I'm not quite sure why the Buffalo gets National River status, but a National River it is.

They've been developing more sites along the river since I first visited in 1992, and it is a scenic place. I've only been to two sites, both along AR-7, Ozark and Pruitt Landing.

Northwest Arkansas / 31 Images. Visited Jun 1998, Sep 2002, Sep 2005.

Hot Springs National Park
Hot Springs Link Hot Springs National Park was the 18th National Park designated in 1921, during a health craze in the US. It was actually declared a reservation in 1832, making it the oldest park in what would become the National Park System. It's a huge fresh water aquifer that spits out 850,000 gallons of water per day.

It's I swear I had pictures of the bath houses somewhere, but I'm not sure where they are...

Hot Springs, Arkansas / 16 Images. Visited Jun 1998, Sep 2002.
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Trip Report: Feb 1986, Jun 1992, Jun 1998, Sep 2002, Sep 2005.

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