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Four Corners Monument, Navajo Tribal Park

Stupid Tourist Photo...
Four Corners is the only place in the US where four states (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah) meet. It wasn't always here, back when measuring via survey wasn't as accurate as it was today, the monument was in a different spot. If I'm ever back there, I'm going to take my GPS with me and check. I was there in 1997 and 2008.

The monument itself is in a Navajo Tribal Park, which means there an entrance fee to get into the place, but it's a small price to pay for one of the ultimate stupid tourist photos. (I mean that in an affectionate way...)

Also there are booths upon booths of tribal members hawking their wares, some of which is pretty interesting, and some of it is dreck. But hey, some people like dreck. Try the fry bread. It's pretty good...

Four Corners Monument, Navajo Tribal Park
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Trip Report: Sep 1997, Sep 2008.

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