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Black Canyon National Park

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Black Canyon Map
Cropped park map. Click on the map for a larger view. This map was downloaded from the NPS map site.

CO-347 / Entrance
200809SW_2870P24125 200809SW_2871P24125 200809SW_2872P24125 200809SW_2873P24130
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Tomichi Point
200809SW_28742879P24131 200809SW_2880P24131
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Gunnison Point
200809SW_2882P24131 200809SW_2883P24132 200809SW_28842888P24133 200809SW_2889P24133
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Pulpit Rock Overlook
200809SW_2891P24134 200809SW_2892P24134 200809SW_29072911P24135 200809SW_28942904P24134 200809SW_2905P24134 200809SW_2906P24134
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Chasm View
200809SW_29122920P24140 200809SW_29212923P24140
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Painted Wall View
200809SW_2924P24141 200809SW_2925P24141 200809SW_29262933P24141 200809SW_29352937P24141 200809SW_2938P24141 200809SW_2939P24141 200809SW_2940P24142
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200809SW_2942P24143 200809SW_2943P24143 200809SW_2945P24143
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East Portal Road / Gunnison River
200809SW_2947P24143 200809SW_2948P24144 200809SW_2949P24145 200809SW_2950P24145 200809SW_29512956P24145 200809SW_2957P24145 200809SW_2958P24145 200809SW_2960P24145 200809SW_2962P24145 200809SW_29632966P24150 200809SW_2967P24150 200809SW_29682972P24150 200809SW_2975P24150 200809SW_2976P24150 200809SW_2982P24152 200809SW_2986P24152
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US-50 (Colorado)
US-50 Link I drove US-50 (in Colorado) from Montrose to Salida, where I stayed for the night.

Along the way is the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, which was much more stunning than I expected, then through the Curecanti National Recreation Area, and over the remarkable Monarch Pass in the San Isabel National Forest.

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US-550, Million Dollar Highway
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I drove it from Durango to Montrose in Colorado, a magnificent drive I'd recommend to anyone.

Colorado / 55 Images. Visited Sep 2008.
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Trip Report: Sep 2008.

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