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Pikes Peak Highway, Colorado

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Entry Sign...
Here lies a road that serves no lofty purpose (except for getting to 14,110 feet above sea level), it doesn't take you from one place to another, it doesn't exist for some vital purpose.

It exists for no other reason than to be able to drive to the summit of Pike's Peak. And what other reason do you need than that.

If you're not the driving type, you can take a cog tram up the side of the mountain. I understand you can even walk if you have the inclination, insane as that sounds.

Here's the short of it. It costs $10/person (at least it did in 2008). It's 19 miles long, and start at an elevation of 7750 feet above sea level. In those 19 miles, it 6350 feet Length: 19 miles Start Elevation: 7750ft asl Summit Elevation: 14,110ft asl Maximum Grade: 10.5% Average grade: 6.7%. Back to Top

Pikes Peak Highway Map
This map was copied from the Pikes Peak website.
Pikes Peak Highway, Ascent
200809SW_3053P25120 200809SW_3055P25121 200809SW_3056P25122 200809SW_3057P25122 200809SW_3058P25122 200809SW_3059P25123 200809SW_3060P25124 200809SW_3061P25124 200809SW_3063P25124 200809SW_3064P25124 200809SW_3065P25124 200809SW_3066P25125 200809SW_3067P25125 200809SW_30683072P25125 200809SW_3074P25125 200809SW_3075P25130 200809SW_3076P25130
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Summit sign. Never believe a photograph.
Pikes Peak Highway, Summit
200809SW_3079P25131 200809SW_3080P25131 200809SW_30823091P25132 200809SW_3092P25132 200809SW_3093P25132 200809SW_3094P25132 200809SW_30953097P25132 200809SW_30963099P25132 200809SW_3100P25132 200809SW_3101P25132 200809SW_3103P25134 200809SW_31043105P25134 200809SW_31063113P25135 200809SW_3114P25135 200809SW_3116P25135 200809SW_3118P25135 200809SW_3119P25135 200809SW_3122P25140
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Pikes Peak Highway, Descent
200809SW_3123P25140 200809SW_3125P25140 200809SW_3127P25140 200809SW_3128P25140 200809SW_3129P25140 200809SW_3130P25140 200809SW_3134P25141 200809SW_31353142P25142 200809SW_3143P25142 200809SW_3144P25143 200809SW_3145P25143 200809SW_31463151P25143 200809SW_3152P25144 200809SW_3153P25144 200809SW_3157P25145 200809SW_3158P25145 200809SW_3162P25145 200809SW_3164P25150 200809SW_3166P25150 200809SW_3167P25150 200809SW_3169P25150 200809SW_31743177P25151 200809SW_3178P25160
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US-24 (Colorado)
US-24 Link US-24 in Colorado is a nice mountain drive between Buena Vista and Colorado Springs.

Along the way is Wilkerson Pass, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, a Colorado Springs city park.

Colorado / 13 Images. Visited Sep 2008.
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Trip Report: Sep 2008.

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