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Marina Bay Resort, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Need more hotel rooms? Put 'em on the water!
Okay, first let me stress these images are from 1986. Over 30 years ago. As far as I can tell, the resort is now a full-time marina, and the floating rooms are long gone.

I was there for a week in January as sort of a reward (as it turned out) for writing, rewriting and fixing tons of code in Dayton, OH for a few weeks. It was disguised as a class, well, it was a class, but it was for hardware the company would pretty much only use in ATM's a dozen years in the future. Hmmm... January in Fort Lauderdale. Hardly a hardship...

I probably wouldn't even have include this pictures here, if it wasn't for the unusual floating rooms (which would move when a boat would pass by), and a very well hung tree, that I haven't seen the likes of since...

Marina Bay Resort, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Trip Report: Jan 1986.

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