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Craters of the Moon National Monument

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CotMNM Map
Cropped map of Craters Of The Moon. Click on the map for a larger view.
Craters of the Moon National Monument
200109Wst_628T11100 200109Wst_629F11xxx 200608PNW_1234C02153 200608PNW_1235D02154
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North Crater Flow Trail
200109Wst_632T11110 200109Wst_633T11110 200109Wst_634F11xxx 200109Wst_635F11xxx 200109Wst_636F11xxx 200109Wst_637F11xxx 200109Wst_638F11xxx 200109Wst_639F11xxx 200109Wst_640F11xxx 200109Wst_641J11xxx 200109Wst_643J11xxx 200109Wst_645T11111 200109Wst_646T11111
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Devil's Orchid Nature Trail
200109Wst_647T11112 200109Wst_648T11112 200109Wst_649F11xxx 200109Wst_650F11xxx 200109Wst_651F11xxx
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Inferno Cone
200608PNW_12361240D02160 200608PNW_1266D02162 200608PNW_1268D02162 200109Wst_652F11xxx 200109Wst_653F11xxx 200608PNW_1241D02161 200608PNW_1244C02161 200608PNW_12451261C02161 200608PNW_1263C02162 200608PNW_1265C02162
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Splatter Cone
200109Wst_655T11113 200109Wst_656F11xxx 200109Wst_657F11xxx 200109Wst_659F11xxx 200109Wst_660T11114
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Cave Area Trail
200109Wst_661T11115 200109Wst_662T11115 200109Wst_671F11xxx 200109Wst_664T11120 200109Wst_666T11121 200109Wst_667T11121 200109Wst_668T11121 200109Wst_669F11xxx 200109Wst_670F11xxx 200109Wst_672F11xxx 200109Wst_673F11xxx 200109Wst_674F11xxx 200109Wst_675F11xxx
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Along Craters Loop Road
200608PNW_1269D02163 200608PNW_12701276C02164
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US-20, Goodale's Cutoff
US20 Link I've travelled US-20 (in Idaho) from the Western Border where it joins I-84 to Rexburg. The portion from Mountain Home to Idaho Falls was known as Goodale's Cutoff, a shortcut on the Oregon Trail skirting the basalt lava fields rather than following the Snake River.

Along the way is Craters of the Moon NM and the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, the birthplace of the Nuclear Navy. EBR-1 (Experimental Breeder Reactor-1), now a seasonally operated museum, is open to the public.

Idaho / 24 Images. Visited Sep 2001, Jul 2006.
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Trip Report: Sep 2001, Jul 2006.

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