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US-26 / Palisades Reservoir, Idaho

US-26 follows the Snake River toward Jackson, Wyoming
200109Wst_694T11145 200109Wst_695T11145 199809NW_177F0718 199809NW_179F0720 199809NW_180F0721 199809NW_181F0722 199809NW_182F0723
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Palisades Reservoir (1998)
199809NW_183F0724 199809NW_184F0725 199809NW_186F0800
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Palisades Reservoir (2001)
200109Wst_696T11150 200109Wst_698F11xxx 200109Wst_699F11xxx 200109Wst_701F11xxx 200109Wst_702T11151 200109Wst_703T11151 200109Wst_704T11151 200109Wst_705T11154
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Snake River
199809NW_187J0110 199809NW_188F0801 199809NW_189F0802
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Near Jackson, WY / 194 Images. Visited Sep 1998, Sep 2001, Jul 2006.
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Trip Report: Sep 1998, Sep 2001.

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