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Glacier National Park, Part 1, West Side of the Park

Glacier spans two pages. This page is the park West of the Continental Divide. Click here for the East side of the park.

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Going to the Sun Road, West Entrance to Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park Map
Cropped map showing the Going To The Sun Road from Apgar to St. Mary. Click on the map for a larger view. This map was downloaded from the NPS site.

Going to the Sun Road
200109Wst_147T06161 200109Wst_148F07xxx 200109Wst_149T06162 200109Wst_150T07083 200109Wst_151154F07xxx 200109Wst_155F07xxx 200109Wst_279F07xxx 200109Wst_274F07xxx 200109Wst_275F07xxx 200109Wst_530F08xxx 200607PNW_03860397D26142 200607PNW_03780385D26142 200109Wst_157F07xxx 200109Wst_159J07xxx 200109Wst_160161J07xxx 200109Wst_244263T07125 200607PNW_03990410C26150 200109Wst_264271F07xxxa 200109Wst_276J07xxx 200109Wst_277J07xxx
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Sunset over Lake McDonald
200109Wst_284T07193 200109Wst_301F07xxx 200109Wst_287T07194 200109Wst_324J07xxx 200109Wst_308311F07xxx 200109Wst_288T07194 200109Wst_289T07194 200109Wst_290T07195 200109Wst_309F07xxx 200109Wst_323F07xxx 200109Wst_320F07xxx 200109Wst_321F07xxx 200109Wst_322F07xxx 200109Wst_326J07xxx 200109Wst_327J07xxx 200109Wst_328J07xxx 200109Wst_329J07xxx 200109Wst_295T07200 200109Wst_297T07200
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McDonald Creek

McDonald Creek
200109Wst_528F08xxx 200109Wst_527F08xxx 200109Wst_526F08xxx 200109Wst_524F08xxx 200109Wst_523F08xxx 200109Wst_522F08xxx 200109Wst_521F08xxx 200109Wst_520F08xxx 200109Wst_519F08xxx 200109Wst_518F08xxx 200109Wst_517F08xxx 200109Wst_516F08xxx 200109Wst_515T08165 200109Wst_514T08164 200109Wst_163F07xxx 200109Wst_164F07xxx 200109Wst_165J07xxx 200109Wst_166J07xxx
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Trail of the Cedars / Avalanche Creek

It was going toward the campground. This is why you don't keep food in your tent.
Trail of the Cedars
200109Wst_168N07100 200109Wst_169N07101 200109Wst_170N07101 200109Wst_171J07xxx 200109Wst_172J07xxx 200109Wst_174N07101 200109Wst_175N07102 200109Wst_177J07102 200109Wst_176J07102 200109Wst_182J07102 200109Wst_181N07102 200109Wst_180N07102 200109Wst_179N07102 200109Wst_183N07103
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Going to the Sun Road, Avalanche Creek to The Loop

Going to the Sun Road
200109Wst_184N07104 200109Wst_185N07104 200109Wst_186F07xxx 200109Wst_187F07xxx 200109Wst_188F07xxx 200109Wst_189F07xxx 200109Wst_190F07xxx 200109Wst_191F07xxx 200109Wst_193J07xxx 200109Wst_194F07xxx 200109Wst_198J07xxx 200109Wst_199J07xxx 200109Wst_200208T07112 200109Wst_210J07xxx 200109Wst_211J07xxx 200109Wst_511F08xxx 200109Wst_508T08161 200109Wst_509T08162 200109Wst_504506F08xxx 200109Wst_212F07xxx 200109Wst_214J07xxx 200607PNW_03930398C26142 200607PNW_0392C26142 200109Wst_215F07xxx 200109Wst_216F07xxx 200109Wst_217F07xxx
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Going to the Sun Road, The Loop to Logans Pass

Going to the Sun Road
200109Wst_218T07112 200109Wst_219F07xxx 200109Wst_220F07xxx 200109Wst_221J07xxx 200109Wst_222J07xxx 200109Wst_223F07xxx 200109Wst_224F07xxx 200109Wst_225F07xxx 200607PNW_0377C26141 200607PNW_03700376C26140 200109Wst_226F07xxx 200109Wst_227F07xxx 200109Wst_228F07xxx 200109Wst_229F07xxx 200109Wst_230F07xxx 200109Wst_232T07115 200109Wst_234T07115 200109Wst_235T07120 200109Wst_237238F07xxx 200109Wst_239F07xxx 200109Wst_240J07xxx 200109Wst_242J07xxx 200109Wst_243J07xxx 200607PNW_0369C26140 200607PNW_0368C26140 200607PNW_03620367C26140 200607PNW_03530361C26134 200607PNW_0352C26134 200109Wst_503T08161 200109Wst_502F08xxx 200109Wst_501F08xxx 200109Wst_500F08xxx 200109Wst_498F08xxx 200109Wst_497F08xxx 200109Wst_496F08xxx 200109Wst_495F08xxx 200109Wst_494F08xxx 200109Wst_493F08xxx 200109Wst_492F08xxx 200109Wst_491T08154 200109Wst_488T08153 200109Wst_487T08153 200109Wst_486T08153
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End Glacier National Park - Part 1 of 2 (West Side).

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