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Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina / Virginia

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I'm going to treat the Blue Ridge Parkway a bit differently, for two reasons.

First, the three times I've been on the Parkway have been in three different seasons, so if I collated the images in order, the seasons would change from image to image. So, I've decided to keep the images separated by trip.

Second, I'm not really sure I could collate all the images. This is one reason why I wish Canons would have a GPS.

Blue Ridge Parkway Map
Cropped map of the Grand Loop to show waypoints which define road segments. Click on the map for a larger view. This map was downloaded from the NPS site.

This trip wasn't exactly in the winter, but it was before springs, so none of the deciduous trees have leaves...

Winter 2000
20000329SAN_67Fscn 20000329SAN_66Fscn 20000329SAN_65Fscn 20000329SAN_64aFxxx 20000329SAN_64Fscn 20000329SAN_63Fscn 20000329SAN_62Fscn 20000329SAN_61Fscn 20000329SAN_60Fscn 20000329SAN_59Fscn 20000329SAN_58Fscn 20000329SAN_57Fscn 20000329SAN_56Fscn
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Fall 2007, Part 1
0710SE_00640I181216 0710SE_00650I181228 0710SE_00660I181238 0710SE_0067000690I181250 0710SE_0070000720I181254 0710SE_00730I181255 0710SE_00740I181323 0710SE_00750I181323 0710SE_00760I181324 0710SE_00770I181324 0710SE_00780I181328 0710SE_0079000880I181331 0710SE_00890I181346 0710SE_00900I181347 0710SE_00910I190924 0710SE_0105001120I190959 0710SE_01130I191001 0710SE_01140I191002 0710SE_0115001210I191022 0710SE_01220I191024 0710SE_01230I191025 0710SE_01240I191031 0710SE_0125001300I191032 0710SE_01310I191033
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Fall 2007, Part 2
0710SE_01320I191152 0710SE_01330I191202 0710SE_01340I191203 0710SE_01360I191224 0710SE_01370I191238 0710SE_01380I191240 0710SE_01400I191251 0710SE_0141001440I191251 0710SE_0145001470I191253 0710SE_01480I191300 0710SE_0149001610I191301 0710SE_01620I191306 0710SE_01630I191313 0710SE_01650I191319 TheBBQMan1 TheBBQMan2
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Highest Elevation... and fog...
Late Summer 2011, Part 1
201109DRA_445P05132 201109DRA_446P05132 201109DRA_448P05145 201109DRA_449P05145 201109DRA_450P05145 201109DRA_452P05152 201109DRA_454P05152 201109DRA_458P05153 201109DRA_460P05155 201109DRA_461P05155 201109DRA_471477P05163 201109DRA_478485P05164 201109DRA_486P05164 201109DRA_487P05164 201109DRA_488P05164 201109DRA_490P05164 201109DRA_491P05164 201109DRA_493P05170 201109DRA_494P05170 201109DRA_495P05170 201109DRA_496P05170 201109DRA_497P05170
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Late Summer 2011, Part 2
201109DRA_500P05182 201109DRA_501P06115 201109DRA_502P06115 201109DRA_503P06115 201109DRA_504P06115 201109DRA_505510P06120 201109DRA_511P06120 201109DRA_514P06120 201109DRA_516P06121 201109DRA_517P06122 201109DRA_519520P06125 201109DRA_522P06130 201109DRA_523P06131 201109DRA_524530P06131 201109DRA_531534P06133 201109DRA_537P06134
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Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Great Smoky Mountain Link Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited park in America due to its location in the East. It's a scenic park, with the tourist towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge just outside the entrance on one side, and the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of my favorite roads in America on the other.

It is a hugely popular park for fall colors.

North Carolina, Tennessee / 67 Images. Visited Mar 2000, Oct 2007, Sep 2011.
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Trip Report: Mar 2000, Oct 2007, Sep 2011.

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