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Perrine Bridge over the Snake River. They base jump off this bridge...
I've been to Idaho three times now. In 1998, Idaho was just as a thoroughfare from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone. then as a transit between Washington/Oregon and Montana/Wyoming.

US-12, Northwest Passage Scenic Byway

In 2006, I was doing Lewis and Clark. After a quick side trip to Glacier National Park (yes, you read that correctly), I drove US-12 through the Bitterroot Mountains, also known as the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, which follows the Lolo Trail. After coming out of the Bitterroots, you run into the Nez Perce, just like the Corp of Discovery, only I left the Bitterroots in much better shape. The Northwest Scenic Byway is one of my top roads to drive in the US.

US-12, Northwest Passage Scenic Byway
Northwest Passage Link I drove the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway (also known as the Lewis and Clark Trail and the Nez Perce Trail), because I was doing a bunch of Lewis and Clark sites in July 2006. The road doesn't exactly follow the Lolo Trail through the Bitterroots, but it's a stunningly beautiful road, following the Lochsa River (and eventually the Clearwater) through the Bitterroot Mountains.

There are also images of the Nez Perce National Historical Park (East Kamiah).

Idaho / 65 Images. Visited Jul 2006.
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US-20, Goodale's Cutoff

US-20 follows the Goodale's Cutoff of the Oregon Trail. Also along the road is Craters of the Moon National Monument, and the Idaho National Environmental Research Park, which holds more nuclear reactors than anywhere else in the world. Make sure to take note of Arco, Idaho, the first city to be powered by a nuclear reactor.

US-20, Goodale's Cutoff
US20 Link I've travelled US-20 (in Idaho) from the Western Border where it joins I-84 to Rexburg. The portion from Mountain Home to Idaho Falls was known as Goodale's Cutoff, a shortcut on the Oregon Trail skirting the basalt lava fields rather than following the Snake River.

Along the way is Craters of the Moon NM and the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, the birthplace of the Nuclear Navy. EBR-1 (Experimental Breeder Reactor-1), now a seasonally operated museum, is open to the public.

Idaho / 24 Images. Visited Jul 2006.

Craters of the Moon National Monument
Craters Link Craters of the Moon National Monument is just a very cool place. Thousands of years ago, molten lava periodically erupted from the Earth, spreading a half dozen different lava fields over this entire area. It left a black, bleak landscape where desert scrub tries to get a foothold.

All sorts of different lava flows/structures are represented here, from caves to different kinds of cones to just a black, endless landscape.

Near Arco, Idaho / 52 Images. Visited Sep 2001, Jul 2006.

Experimental Breeder Reactor 1 (EBR-1)
Idaho National Environmental Research Park
EBR1 Link Experimental Breeder Reactor 1 (EBR-1) is the first successful breeder reactor turned into a seasonal museum. On display is the original reactor and light bulbs it lit, and information on the Idaho National Environmental Research Park, the 900 square mile facility that's seen over 50 nuclear reactors.

Here's some trivia. A city near here, Arco, was the first city in America to be powered by a nuclear reactor.

Near Arco, Idaho / 28 Images. Visited Jul 2006, Sep 2001.
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Snake River

US-30 and US-26 are both scenic byways that follow the Snake River though Idaho.

US-30 (Idaho, Thousand Springs Scenic Byway)
US-30 Link US-30 in Idaho from Bliss to Buhl has the nickname "Thousand Springs" because the rivers around Southern Idaho tend to sink through the upper crust of volcanic debris until it hits a hard basalt layer from previous volcanic eruptions, then channels the water underground into pools and underground rivers.

The water re-emerges here, and at one time would gush out of the rock layers. However in recent years, they've started to capture the water for irrigation, so you'll actually see more pipes than springs. Ugh.

Idaho / 20 Images. Visited Sep 2001.

US-26 / Palisades Reservoir / Snake River / Jackson, Wyoming
US26 Link US-26 is the main way to get to the Southern Entrance of Grand Teton National Park, by following the Snake River from Idaho Falls to Jackson, Wyoming.

There is a shorter, more direct route over Teton Pass, which also allows you to bypass Jackson should you wish. (Jackson is pretty much your best option for groceries, alcohol and food before entering Grand Teton, but it can be a madhouse during tourist season.)

Idaho / 21 Images. Visited Sep 1998, Sep 2001.
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Yellowstone National Park

You could argue that Yellowstone is the best park in Idaho, except the part that's in Idaho is only 2.5 miles wide by 25 miles long. And it's only a coincidence that Yellowstone is in Idaho, since Idaho didn't exist when Yellowstone was established. There isn't even a public access point to Yellowstone from Idaho. But here's the link to the park, anyway. :-)

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Link Yellowstone National Park tops my list of favorite parks. It doesn't matter if you want waterfalls, lakes, geysers, hot springs, river canyons, glacial valleys, mountain scenery, abundant wildlife, or interesting roads to drive, Yellowstone has all if it.

Its world famous icons, such as Old Faithful, the Lower Falls and Mammoth Hot Springs, all point to a very angry Earth below the surface, a super volcano which has the potential to wipe out much of America. So enjoy the park while you can!

Northwest Wyoming / 555 Images. Visited Sep 1998, Sep 2001, Jul 2006.

Yellowstone Bear World is a tourist attraction on the Idaho side of the Tetons. A couple of events caused us to go this way, and besides, we had a discount coupon!

The only reason these images are here is because one of the bears bit my car, which proudly displayed that scar for years.

Yellowstone Bear World, Idaho
200608PNW_1307D03102 200608PNW_1309D03102 200608PNW_1311D03102 200608PNW_1315C03103 200608PNW_1316C03105 200608PNW_1317C03111 200608PNW_1320D03111

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240px Map 240px Map
Sunrise along I-88
I have surprisingly few pictures of Illinois, considering I live there. It's either "familiarity breeds contempt", or geologically, the state is just plain boring. Or both. Probably both.

Misc Illinois Pics:
199606WIL_0001F0102MisRiv 199606WIL_02F0103MisRiv 199606WIL_03F0104MisRiv 199709Wst_001F0101 200809SW_3192P26181 200809SW_3196P26184 200809SW_3199P26184 200809SW_3202P27080 199809NW_783J0818 199809NW_784J0819
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Nauvoo, Illinois

In 1996, I was breaking in a new car, and took a quick road trip to the Mississippi. I came across Nauvoo almost by accident, and had I known I was going to be there, would have done a little more research. (Though I will point out that in 1996, trying to do research was much tougher to do without the internet as we know it today...)

Brigham Young's home.
Nauvoo, Illinois
199606WIL_04F0106Nauvoo 199606WIL_05F0107Nauvoo 199606WIL_06F0108Nauvoo 199606WIL_07F0110Nauvoo 199606WIL_08F0111Nauvoo 199606WIL_09F0112Nauvoo 199606WIL_10F0113Nauvoo 199606WIL_11F0114Nauvoo
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The next picture was taken in Quincy, but that was coincidental since we were following the River Road...

Quincy, Illinois

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240px Map 240px Map
Post-ice storm. Glad I wasn't around during this one. Along I-65...
It might be telling that I have more pictures of travelling through Indiana, than of Indiana...

During my many trips between Dayton and Chicago along I-65 and I-70
198601NCR_029X101snow 198601NCR_030X102snow 198601NCR_031X103snow 198601NCR_033X105indy 198601NCR_034X106snow 198601NCR_035X107snow 198601NCR_035aX108snow 198601NCR_036X109snow

Some fall colors
200311FL_310C01103 200311FL_311C01103 200311FL_313C01103 200311FL_314C01131
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2008 Ice Storm pics
200812FL_1503P22114 200812FL_1504P22114 200812FL_1505P22114 200812FL_1507P22115 200812FL_1509P22115 200812FL_1513P22115 200812FL_1514P22115 200812FL_1515P22115 200812FL_1518P22115 200812FL_1522P22115 200812FL_1524P22115 200812FL_1525P22115 200812FL_1526P22115 200812FL_1529P22120 200812FL_1530P22120 200812FL_1533P22120 200812FL_1535P22120
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Accident along I-65
200912FL_1573P13122 200912FL_1574P13122 200912FL_1575P13122 200912FL_1576P13122 200912FL_1580P13122 200912FL_1582P13122 200912FL_1584P13122 200912FL_1585P13122 200912FL_1587P13155 201203WDW_0003P03093
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2012 Henryville, Indiana tornado damage from I-65.
201203WDW_0004P03112 201203WDW_0006P03113 201203WDW_0008P03113 201203WDW_0011P03113 201203WDW_0012P03113 201203WDW_0014P03113 201203WDW_0015P03113 201203WDW_0016P03113 201203WDW_0018P03113 201203WDW_0019P03113 201203WDW_0020P03113 201203WDW_0021P03113 201203WDW_0022P03113 201203WDW_1437P11140 201203WDW_1438P11140 201203WDW_1439P11140 201203WDW_1440P11140 201203WDW_1441P11140 201203WDW_1442P11140 201203WDW_1444P11141 201203WDW_1445P11141 201203WDW_1446P11141

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240px Map 240px Map


No pics of Iowa. Been through it a bunch of times, though. I generally want to get beyond Iowa to start my vacation, and tired on the way home, so Iowa always get's the short end of my attention...

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