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Pennsylvania is the only state on this page.


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On the Ben Franklin Bridge...
Along I-70
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Flight 93 National Memorial
Flight 93 Link I had actually stopped in Somerset for the night, and was looking through the hotel propaganda when I found I was very close to the Flight 93 National Memorial, so I took the drive in the morning before heading to my final destination near Philly.

When I was there, it was nothing more than a trailer with some makeshift memorials. The site where the plane crashed was a quarter mile away, and could only be visited by relatives of the people on the flight.

Near Shanksville, Pennsylvania / 14 Images.
Visited Oct 2006.
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Along I-76
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Independence National Historic Park
Independence Link Independence covers a couple of square miles of Philadelphia's historical district, protecting things like the Liberty Bell and one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence. Farther afield are historical places like the Betty Ross house and the Franklin Institute.

While you're there, a side trip to the Philadelphia Mint is a must. It's where half of the change in your pocket was made.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / 35 Images. Visited Jun 2001, Oct 2006.

Valley Forge National Historic Park
Valley Forge Link I was around the Philadelphia area for a couple of weeks, and over the weekend I visited Valley Forge National Historic Park. And I was sick. Ugh. I apologize to all those trying to watch the intro movie while I coughed. Got some nice fall pictures, though.

Anyway, George Washington slept here. I mean, he really did sleep here.

Near King of Prussia, Pennsylvania / 71 Images. Visited Oct 2006.
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Philadelphia, PA
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Conshohocken, PA
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