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San Antonio Missions National Historic Park, Texas

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Mission San Jose, one of the four (still operating) Missions in the park...
San Antonio Missions Map
Cropped map the San Antonio Missions. Click for a larger view.
Mission San Antonio de Valero (aka The Alamo)
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Mission Concepcion, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
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Mission San Francisco, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
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Mission San Jose, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
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The river is normally lower, but heavy rains closed the ford in 1992.

San Antonio River
199206SA_073F0316 199206SA_074F0317 199806SA_066F0320SA 199806SA_089F0419SA
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Mission San Juan Capistrano, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
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This is the last working Spanish Aqueduct remaining in the US. It was completed in 1745, and carried water to Mission Espada for irrigation.

Espada Aqueduct, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
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In 1992, the San Antonio River was high, so the ford across the river was closed. Since I didn't have a map, and was following Road signs to Mission San Francisco de la Espada, I never got to Mission San Francisco de la Espada

In 1998, the church had a significant fire, and was closed. I'm destined never to see the inside of this chapel...

Mission San Francisco de la Espada (Mission St. Francis of the Sword), San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
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San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio Link I was in San Antonio twice, both times for a computer security conference. One time it was in the Marriot, the other time in the Hyatt, both off the Riverwalk Area.

But I probably spent more of my free time visiting the San Antonio Missions than I did in San Antonio...

San Antonio, Texas / 25 Images. Visited Jun 1992, Jun 1998.
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Trip Report: Jun 1992, Jun 1998.

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