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Anasazi State Park Museum, Utah

A replica of an Anasazi structure, which had a really bad yellow jacket problem when I was there...
When I was there in 2008, this State Park was called, "Anasazi Village State Park", but has since changed its name to "Anasazi State Park Museum". To be honest, if you're on your way to Grand Canyon, the Tusayan Museum there has much the same ruins as this park, and if you're going to pass through Mesa Verde or Hovenweep, the ruins here will be... quaint.

Also to be honest, it's about 37 miles from Torrey (27 miles from Escalante) on Utah-12, and provides a place to stretch your legs, get out of the car, get something out of the cooler, and use a bathroom. :-)

The museum does have artifacts from the time, and will give you an understanding of who the Anasazi were. Back to Top

Anasazi SP Map
Map of Anasazi State Park Museum. Map copied from the park site.

Coombs Site Ruins
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Building Replica
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Utah State Route 12
Utah-12 Link Utah State Route 12 (also named as the "Journey Through Time Byway") is my favorite road in America.

The 124 mile road starts at a unnamed junction with US-89 and ends in Torrey, Utah, pretty much connecting Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef National Park. In-between are a couple of those spectacular Utah State Parks, a National Monument and some jaw-dropping landscapes just off the side of the road.
Utah / 67 Images. Visited Sep 1997, Sep 2008.
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Trip Report: Sep 2008.

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