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Natural Bridges National Monument

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Entry sign
Natural Bridges National Monument Map
This map was downloaded from the NPS site.
200809SW_2574P23123 200809SW_2575P23123
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Sipapu Bridge
200809SW_2576P23124 200809SW_2577P23124 200809SW_25782582P23125 200809SW_2583P23125 200809SW_2584P23125 200809SW_2585P23125 200809SW_2586P23130 200809SW_25872596P23130 200809SW_25992608P23130 200809SW_2610P23130 200809SW_2613P23131 200809SW_2614P23131 200809SW_2615P23131 200809SW_2616P23131 200809SW_2617P23131 200809SW_2618P23131 200809SW_2619P23131 200809SW_2620P23131
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Horsecollar Ruin
200809SW_2621P23132 200809SW_26222627P23132 200809SW_2628P23132 200809SW_2629P23133 200809SW_2630P23133 200809SW_2631P23133 200809SW_2632P23133 200809SW_2634P23133 200809SW_26362640D23134 200809SW_26412646D23134 200809SW_26472649P23134 200809SW_2650P23134 200809SW_2652P23135 200809SW_2653P23135 200809SW_2654P23135 200809SW_2656P23135
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Kachina Bridge
200809SW_2657P23140 200809SW_26582667P23140 200809SW_2668P23141 200809SW_2669P23141 200809SW_2670P23141
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Owachomo Bridge
200809SW_2671P23142 200809SW_26722679P23142 200809SW_26812683P23142 200809SW_2684P23142
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Bears Ears
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Utah State Route 261, The Moki Dugway
Moki Dugway Link When I planning my 2008 trip, I was going to leave Monument Valley and go North to Natural Bridges National Monument via Utah-261. On every map the road took this tiny little squiggle, like a knot in a string. I actually had a detour ready in case the road was too... shoddy.

It turned out to be a fantastic road. I did some research on it when I got back, and it turns out it actually had a name and some history...

Utah / 29 Images. Visited Sep 2008.
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Trip Report: Sep 2008.

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